nini-1Nini Nguyen is a fashion stylist, fashion designer and visionary voice behind, where she shares her fashion tips on dressing like a million without spending a million. Her love and passion of fashionable and chic individuality is undeniably exuded through her natural talent to envision how clothes should lay and enhance a woman’s body. She understands a woman’s figure and is able to select pieces that highlight their best features. She believes that a woman will have utmost confidence when they feel raw and tough with a touch of elegance.

With over fourteen years of experience in the fashion industry, Nini started out at Banana Republic, Neiman Marcus, Oscar de la Renta, and eventually advanced to Barney’s as their fashion consultant. With a background in fashion and avid enthusiasm for art, finding her own sense of style was second nature to Nini. Her striking images have earned her a large fan base on social media and caught the eyes of many celebrities. Among them include Rihanna, who appreciating Nini’s unique and bold vision, reached out to recruit her for several projects.

Nini’s philosophy is that anyone can look like a million without spending a million and believes in buying less but investing in quality pieces that will last forever. She believes that beautiful, well made items can enhance a wardrobe from season to season: it is timeless. She loves mixing high-end designer items with lower-end and fun seasonal trends with collectible vintage finds. “It’s not what you wear but how you wear it”. Nini’s goal as a designer is to exude confidence in women by encouraging them to express their own eccentricity without having to sacrifice their personal comfort. Her own unconventional style has afforded her so many opportunities in life that she wants her audience to always remember to, “Be Bold. Be You.”